Joining Team Arisia

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Arisia! Take a look at our Help Wanted page. If you don't see anything there that you're interested in, fill out our Volunteer Signup form and we'll help you find the position that's right for you. The Help Wanted page also has an announce-only list if you'd like to be notified when new jobs are posted.


  • All volunteers get a cool Arisia water bottle to keep you hydrated at the convention.
  • Eight hours of volunteering earns you a free staff T-shirt at the convention (only available to volunteers)
  • Twelve or more hours earn you a free membership to next year's convention.
  • You can get your volunteer hours doubled if you help with truck loading and setup before the convention starts or help with tear-down and load-out at the end of the convention.
    • Volunteers who help for at least 6 hours on loading and setup on Wednesday (truck loading), Thursday (load-in and set-up), or Friday (load-in and set-up only, generally until 3 PM), are eligible to earn a membership for this year's or next year's Arisia. Make sure you get your timesheet signed!
    • You can help with tear-down and load-out and earn all your hours for a free membership for next year's Arisia and never miss a minute of Arisia!! Just help out Monday (tear-down and load-out only, generally after 3 PM) or Tuesday (load-out and truck unloading) for at least 6 hours to earn next year's membership!
  • Just being a volunteer can bring its own satisfaction. Without volunteers, we wouldn't have the convention that is Arisia. Everyone, from our Corporate President, Convention Chair to the person who has just an hour at the convention to give, is an unpaid volunteer giving their time to help make the Arisia Convention a success.
  • If you'd like some specific ideas about where to volunteer, let us know at @email what you're interested in working on.

Team Arisia Headquarters will be located in the Hancock room on the Mezzanine level, near FedEx Office. Be sure to come in for your staff ribbons, timesheet, T-shirt, and nifty swag. Hang out, relax, and enjoy some snacks!