Quick Reference

Access Services Info Desk (Mezz)
Anime/Video Room Charles River (4th)
Friday 4:00pm–2:00am
Sat/Sun 8:00am–2:00am
Monday 8:00am–1:45 pm
Arisia TV Channel 82
Art Show Georgian (Mezz)
Friday 6:00pm–9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am–6:00pm, 8:00pm–10:00pm
Saturday 7:00pm–8:00pm Mobility aid users & companions
Sunday 10:00am–6:00pm
Sunday 5:00pm–8:00pm Art pick-up
Monday 10:00am–1:00pm Final sales and art pick-up
Blood Drive Info Desk (Mezz)
Friday 12:30pm–7:30pm for Children's Hospital
Saturday 9:00am–5:00pm for Mass General Hospital
Childcare see Ops for room
(Turtle Track: ages 2–6)
Friday 5:30pm–10:00pm, meet & greet, no drop off
Sat/Sun 9:45 am–11:30am, 12:45 pm–5:30pm, 6:45 pm–10:00pm
Monday 9:45 am–11:30am, 12:45 pm–3:00pm
Coat Check across from Arlington (Mezz)
Coats and items smaller than regular-sized backpack only please.
Friday 3:00pm–1:00am
Sat/Sun 8:00am–1:00am
Monday 8:00am–3:00pm
Con Suite Presidential Suite, 15th floor
Friday 3:00pm–7:00pm, 9:00pm–12:00am
Saturday 9:00am–3:00pm, 4:00pm–7:00pm, 9:00pm–12:00am
Sunday 9:00am–2:30pm, 3:30pm–7:00pm, 9:00pm–12:00am
Monday 9:00am–3:00pm
Cosplay Repair Station next to Reg (Mezz)
Saturday 10:00am–8:00pm
Sunday 10:00am–9:00pm
Dealers Room Avenue 34, across from Starbucks (Lobby)
Friday 5:00pm–9:00pm
Sat/Sun 10:00am–7:00pm
Monday 10:00am–2:30pm
Duck Hunt Turn in at Team Arisia HQ: Hancock (Mezz)
Fan Tables Mezzanine
Friday 4:00pm–7:00pm
Monday 10:00am–2:00pm
Fast Track Back Bay/Brandeis (4th)
(Children’s Program: ages 6–12)
Friday 4:00pm–6:00pm
Sat/Sun 8:30am–11:30am, 1:00pm–5:30pm
Monday 8:30am–1:00pm
Online feedback form
Fill out a form at Info Desk or Ops.
Feedback Sessions Sat & Mon
Filking (see Music) Stuart (4th)
First Aid Exeter (Mezz)
(In case of emergency, dial 911)
Food Options
Hotel restaurants on Lobby level
Starbucks (Lobby):
  • Friday–Monday 5:30am–8:30pm
Restaurant Guide (incl. delivery options) at Info Desk
Freebie, Flyer, and Promotional Tables Mezzanine
Tabletop Statler (Mezz)
  • Friday 1:00pm–3:00am
  • Sat/Sun 6:00am–3:00am
  • Monday 6:00am–4:00pm
Video Boylston (Mezz)
  • Friday 5:30pm–12:00am
  • Sat/Sun 10:00am–12:00am
  • Monday closed
Green Room Garden Suite (4th)
(Program and Event Participants, Staff, and Organizers)
Friday 3:00pm–8:00pm
Sat/Sun 7:00am–8:00am (staff only), 8:00am–8:00pm (staff and panelists)
Monday 7:00am–8:00am (staff only), 8:00am–3:00pm (staff and panelists)
Boston Park Plaza main number: 617-426-2000
Incident Response Team (IRT) Near Exeter (Mezz)
617-657-9756, or email @email
Information Desk Near Exeter (Mezz)
Friday 10:30am–11:30pm
Saturday 8:30am–11:30pm
Sunday 8:30am–8:30pm
Monday 8:30am–3:30pm
Innkeeper @email
Friday 12:00pm–10:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm–6:00pm
Sunday closed
Monday 10:00am–2:00pm
Lost and Found Hotel Front Desk
Lost badges: go to Registration
Masquerade Grand Ballroom A (Mezz)
Sunday 8:00pm (doors open at 7:00pm)
Sign-up Table outside Grand Ballroom B (Mezz)
  • Friday 4:00pm–9:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am–5:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am–12:00pm
Rehearsals Grand Ballroom A (Mezz)
  • Saturday 9:30am–2:00pm
  • Sunday 2:00pm–5:30pm
Green Room Grand Ballroom B (Mezz)
  • Sunday 6:00pm–1/2 hour after Masquerade Awards
Ribbon & Music pickup Clarendon (Mezz)
  • Monday 10:00am–11:30am
Music Stuart (4th)
Newsletter Constitution (4th)
Mail to Clear Ether: @email
Operations (Con Ops) Brookline (4th)
Call/text 617-553-4652
Boston Park Plaza: valet only $58/day
For other options, see the Parking Guide
Party Room Block (Open Parties) 15th floor
Photo Station Next to Elevators (Mezz)
Sat/Sun 10:00am–8:00pm
(will close early Sunday due to Masquerade)
Monday 10:00am–2:00pm
Press & Photographer Check-in Info Desk (Mezz)
Program Nexus Longfellow (4th)
Friday 3:00pm–10:00pm
Sat/Sun 9:30am–8:30pm
Monday 9:30am–3:00pm
Quiet Room 5059
Friday 3:00pm–10:00pm
Sat/Sun 10:00am–9:00pm
Monday 10:00am–2:00pm
Registration Mezzanine
Friday 11:00am–11:00pm ($30)
Saturday 9:00am–11:00pm ($50)
Sunday 9:00am–8:00pm ($50)
Monday 9:00am–3:00pm ($15)
Lost badges $5 (once only, after that full price).
Arisia 2020 memberships available starting Sunday noon
Safer Space for Arisians of Color Emerson (4th)
Friday 3:00pm–10:00pm
Sat/Sun 10:00am–9:00pm
Sunday 10:00am–2:00pm
Scavenger Hunt Info Desk (Mezz)
Team Arisia Headquarters Hancock (Mezz)
Friday 4:00pm–10:00pm
Sat/Sun 9:00am–10:00pm
Monday 9:00am–6:00pm
Teen Lounge (Ages 13–19 only) Gloucester (4th)
Friday 4:00pm–10:00pm
Sat/Sun 10:00am–10:00pm
Monday 10:00am–12:00pm
The Watch (Security) Exeter (Mezz)
Call or text 617-858-9364
In case of emergency or immediate threat dial 911
Video Room (see Anime/Video Room) Charles River (4th)