Progress Report #4 - December 2018


Arisia Progress Report #4
Early Dec 2018

Fairy A
New England's Largest, Most
Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention
Arisia 2019
Jan 18-21 2019
Boston Park Plaza Hotel 50 Park Plaza at Arlington St, Boston
**Note Hotel Change**

Table of Contents
Hotel * Registration and Code of Conduct * Building Community at Arisia * Flu Shots * Volunteer * Calendar * More Information *


Arisia 2019 will be held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
We could not in good conscience hold Arisia in a striking hotel, and we needed adequate lead time to move the event. Everyone who has purchased a membership still has one, and we expect to hold all the major parts of the convention you know and love in the new facility.
Here's what we know now about hotel reservations.   There will be frequent updates to our website and on social media.

  • The BPP has many rooms available, so there is no worry about everyone who wants to book a room to stay at the hotel for the weekend getting one. We do not expect to run out of hotel rooms.
  • Westin and Aloft room reservations through the Arisia block are cancelled as of Monday Dec 3.   No action on the part of attendees with reservations is necessary.  
  • Boston Park Plaza Hotel reservations will be offered first to those with previous reservations. Those people will get an email within a few days.  The link will be made available  and opened to the general public on Friday Dec 7.  
  • Special requests should be made through a new Special Request Form which will be available on the website when reservations open.  Even if you made a Special Request in the Westin, make a new one in the Boston Park Plaza. 
Let us know of problems at @email

Registration and Code of Conduct

We updated the registration system and the Code of Conduct (CoC) in October. If you registered before that, please visit to re-read and re-sign the CoC  Signing now makes your registration at con smoother. 

Registration rates will go up on December 31 from $65 to $75 for the full weekend.    
This is a reminder that the CoC applies at all Arisia events. If you need to file a report about an incident that violates the CoC, please email us at@email

Building Community at Arisia

There will be an additional programming track at Arisia 2019 devoted to convention safety and building a stronger community. If you attend the Arisia 2019 convention, please join us and share your suggestions and concerns.

We will be looking for volunteers to take notes or help lead small group conversations.  If you are able to help, email @email.

Flu Shots

  Avoid Con Crud 

Get your flu shots ASAP in order for the full effect of the vaccines to kick in! Many Walgreens and CVS are offering the flu shots now, and most are covered by health insurance.


Arisia is run by fans for fans, and you can help out in big and small ways!  Whether it's just for a few hours at con, the whole weekend, or taking on a year-round role we value the contributions of all who chose to volunteer their time and efforts to help run Arisia. We need your help in many positions around the convention.
Visit to see our list of open positions and sign up to be notified when new jobs are posted. In addition to helping make sure Arisia happens, volunteering for a certain number of hours also gains you perks. For more information on volunteer perks see:
Want to help out but not sure how?  Fill out our Volunteer Sign-up Form and we’ll match you with our staffing needs.
Have volunteer questions not answered here? Send email to @email


To add Arisia Events to your Google calendar:
1.      In your Google calendar window or browser tab click the dropdown menu next to “Other Calendars”

2.      Select “Add by URL”

3.      Copy-paste the URL below into the box:…
(If the URL wraps on your display make sure you get the whole thing when you copy-paste.)

4.      Click “Add Calendar”

More Information

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