Special Requests

Once you have a hotel room reserved, Arisia's Innkeeper staff can help you adjust your reservation to your needs. All Arisia room adjustments and changes should go through the Innkeeper via the form (hotel request form). If you do not yet have a room at our hotel please begin by making a reservation.

The deadline for hotel requests is Dec 17. This includes:

  • Handicapped-accessible rooms

    Accessible rooms will be assigned with accessibility as a primary need. If you would like an access room close to the elevators or have special mobility needs please let us know in the comment section of the hotel request form.

  • Family rooms are grouped with Childcare and other families instead of parties. Getting a family-block room does not guarantee a babysitting (Turtle Track) membership.

  • Low-floor or Shabbat-floor rooms

  • Rooms with roll-away beds ($30/weekend) or cribs

  • Special room setting requests such as "feather-free" or "unscented".

All rooms in are smoke-free and come with in-room mini-fridges (except the "Cozy" rooms). You do not need to request these.

We do our best to assign people rooms but due to demand cannot always guarantee your first choice. Any additional information is much appreciated so we can try and best meet your needs. If you would like a room near a different reservation, you will need your confirmation number as well as the confirmation number for the reservation you would like to be near. All reservation changes may be combined into one form; separate form submissions are not required.

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Change my Reservation

The deadline to request changes to your reservation at either hotel is January 5th. This includes changing your reservation dates and room type. Modifications are made on an as-available basis. Some rooms are in high demand and while we try to accommodate all requests are not always able to do so. Requests are filled on a first-come basis and late changes to room type may not be honored.

The dates of Arisia hotel reservations may be from Thursday January 17th through Monday Jan 21st. If you would like a room outside of those dates, make a reservation and use the Special Request form to request a change to your reservation dates.

If you want a room on Saturday, you will also need to book Friday or Sunday night for a two-night minimum. All reservation changes may be combined into one form; separate form submissions are not required.

Special Request Form

Room Need Requests

The deadline to request special items in your existing reservation is January 5th. This includes non-feathered bedding, rollaway beds, and cribs. Submit your request using the link to the Special Request Form below. Rooms include free in-room wireless internet and a refrigerator ("Cozy" rooms do not include a fridge). Any information entered into the hotel reservation page will not be honored, you must fill out a special request form. All reservation changes may be combined into one form; separate form submissions are not required. Someone from the Arisia Staff will contact you after January 8th to confirm your request status.

Special Request Form

Connecting Room Requests

To request a pair of connecting rooms, please make reservations for both rooms and then fill out the Special Request Form including confirmation numbers for both rooms. Connecting rooms requests are subject to availability, and the deadline for requests is December 10th.

Special Request Form

Hotel Cancellation

If you cancel your hotel room at the hotel, we will give your room to the next person on the waiting list. To make this happen as quickly and smoothly as possible, fill out the Special Request Form.