First Time Arisia Attendees Guide

Think of Arisia as a party for 4,000 of your closest friends, some of whom you haven't yet met.

Things to do before the convention:

Things to bring:

  • Snacks for the hotel room
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Portable phone charger
  • Dancing shoes if you want to dance
  • Costumes, if you want to dress up
  • Any medicine or medical equipment you need

Things to do at con:

  • Pick up your badge at Registration on the Mezzanine level
  • Get a "First Arisia" ribbon in the Team Arisia HQ (Hancock room, Mezzanine level)
  • Visit Dealers Room and Art Show
  • Check out meals through the food options
  • Check the main page throughout the con for live updates
  • Find the printed Clear Ether newsletter each day for news and updates
  • Visit open parties via the the party board, Clear Ether, or flyers throughout the hotel

Help make Arisis even more awesome!

Volunteering is a good way to meet folks and learn about how the convention works. If you spend at least six hours helping with load-in and setup, you can get a free membership to the convention. If you volunteer for at least 12 hours during the convention you can a membership to next year's convention.

Volunteer as much or as little as you like at Team Arisia HQ in the Hancock room (Mezzanine level).

Staying healthy

Everyone eligible should get a flu shot. In order for it to be effective, you need to get it at least three weeks before con.

Follow the "5-2-1 rule". In each 24 hours, get at least five hours of real sleep (not just napping with your head on a gaming table), eat two real meals, and take one shower or bath.