Many Hands Make Light Hutt

Mike S

I was working Ops Desk and got a phone call from Logistics requesting volunteers to help the 501st New England Garrison move of one of their larger constructed costumes, Jabba the Hutt. I told them I'd send people down if I got any.

A few minutes later, a lone volunteer wandered into Ops. "Hi," they said. "I just got done helping in an area and was wondering if there was anywhere else that needs help?"

"Yes," I said, with the best poker face I could manage. "Logistics needs help moving Jabba the Hutt from the loading dock." The volunteer looked at me, blinked, and shook their head not once but twice and looked at me again with a hint of suspicion.

"I'm completely serious," I said, failing to suppress a grin.

"Okay," said the volunteer, warily, and left the Operations room. Roughly an hour later, they returned to Ops with the largest smile I'd seen at the con so far. Lifting their arms up in exultant triumph they proclaimed, "JABBA THE HUTT HAS BEEN MOVED!"

"Well done," I said. And with that, the volunteer left Ops, still smiling and shaking their head once again.