Teen UnConference

The Teen Unconference is a Con-Within-A-Con for our teenage members. The topics are proposed, chosen, and attended exclusively by teens.

We invite all teenagers to swing by the Brainstorming Board on Friday night of the convention to add your idea to the list. We’ll post the board location on flyers around the hotel and on social media using the hashtag #teenunconference.

When you visit the Brainstorming Board, read over the ideas that are already posted, too. See anything you like? Add a sticker! That will help our teen volunteers decide which panels to slot into the programming spaces reserved specifically for the Teen Unconference.

Saturday morning we’ll post the schedule of panels you all chose. The list will be posted on our website and linked to by social media, posted at the Brainstorming Board, and updated on our mobile schedule. Here’s a taste of panels that have been scheduled in the past:

  • How much random knowledge can be shared in one panel?
  • Hamilton Musicals
  • Where are all the diverse characters in mainstream movies?
  • How many puns can we make in one panel?
  • Platonic Flirting Contest
  • Steven Universe
  • Undertale
  • Funny Moments