This year Arisia will offer three online options for viewing the schedule: two digital options that will be updated continuously, and a printable PDF you can carry around. At the convention you can check the daily newsletter Clear Ether for schedule updates, and signs will be posted throughout the hotel.

Live Options

Guidebook -
Guidebook is a mobile-centric app available for a wide array of smartphones. It contains schedule information, maps, and other data. It has the ability to let you create a "my schedule" to track items of interest. Guidebook can be viewed in a web browser, but it's optimized for a mobile device.
KonOpas -
KonOpas is a browser-friendly online schedule search and selection tool that remembers items you have marked as interesting to you. It also contains additional information such as maps, and is suitable for both mobile and desktop browsers. It's an instance of the KonOpas an open-source project (see

The two digital tools are separate and selections you make in one are not reflected in the other. Both tools update in real time from the same schedule source. Both can operate when you are not connected to the Internet or cellular network. Both tools are available for use even if you have not yet registered.

Static Options

Arisia produces both a Pocket Program and a Grid Schedule Sheet pre-printed for you. These can be picked up at the Publications table near Registration, along with our Souvenir Book, once you have your badge. Once finalized, all publications have their PDFs available on this site on the publications page.

Special Programming

Our Guests of Honor will be participating in, and running, a wide array of programming items. The Guests of Honor schedule can be seen online at our GOH Schedule page.

Reconciliation Programming

Arisia 2019 is offering a suite of options in response to the challenges our community and convention have faced. These options range from #Timesup and Town Meeting large group events to trainings, workshops, and opportunities for individuals to do their own processing of what has happened. Reconciliation programming aims to engage you, the convention attendee, along with our staff and Corporate membership in conversation, listening, healing, and enacting change to rebuild our community.

Reconciliation programming is available along with our full schedule and we have organized it into a single page for easy scanning.