2018 Art Show Catalog

mixed media & paintings horror, steampunk and fantasy themes
Allison sample art
Digital prints of pieces based on dream imagery
Julia Austein sample art
Colorful watercolor illustrations of nature and spirit
Victoria Chapman
Fantasy art, realistic, Magnus and Loki series
Sarah Clemens sample art
Hand built and wheel thrown ceramics
LJ Cohen sample art
Hand carved images of medieval madness pressed to wood
The Corey Press sample art
Futurism with Ink and Watercolor
Rachel Creemers sample art

Dene Crystal/potterphile3

Loves H.P. Craft: Harry Potter inspired minis,jewelry &ducks
Dene Crystal/potterphile3 sample art
Humorous, Acrylics, Fantasy/SF Cats, Hamsters, Dragons, Owls
Charlene Taylor D'Alessio Sample Art
Photorealistic portraits of fan favorites real and imagined
Lori Del Genis sample art
Fantasy, SF, and game illustration
Duncan Eagleson Sample Art
illustrator from Somerville, MA
eHawk sample art
Sculptural Leather Mythic Figures and artist books
Wendy Ellertson Sample Art
Jewelry, ceramics, painting, sculpture
Michele Ellington sample art
Illustrating the combination of nature and man
EveL sample art
jewelry and resin
Sara Felix sample art
Space focused, high chroma, fantasy art
Meg Frank sample art
Mixed media of both aerials and imagination
Remmi Franklin sample Art
Geek themed calligraphy art prints
Geek Calligraphy sample art
The best of dreams and monsters from every reality
Gil sample art
Space and Time
Mike Greenberg Sample Art
figurative illustrations using watercolors and inks
Griffin Ess Sample Art
Victorian style paper quilled pieces
Lauren Grover Sample Art
Brilliantly colored watercolors: space, botanicals, monsters
Sara Eileen Hames Sample Art
Explorations in a variety of forms: jewelry, sketches, masks
Carol Hanson Sample Art

Buzz Harris

Science Fiction and Fantasy-oriented mosaic artwork
Buzz Harris Sample Art
Watercolor, pottery, encaustics, alcohol ink, pencil, more
Lisa Hertel Sample Art
Bronze fantasy sculpture
Butch Honeck Sample Art
fiber artist creating one-of-a-kind wearables
Elaine Isaak Sample Art
Pop-Surreal painting and drawing
herman james Sample Art
Whimsical space inspired art and jewelry
Jeliza Sample Art
Folkloric illustration
I. S. Kallick Sample Art
a varied cast of characters between reality and imagination
Boriana Kantcheva Sample Art

Malcolm Kendall

Malcolm Kendall Sample Art
Cloth & paper mache creatures
Kimberly's Creatures Sample Art


Dip pen calligraphy on river stones and paper
KittenMintDesigns Sample Art
Strange sci-fi and fantasy paintings
Ryan Klemek Sample Art
art boxes, sculpture, musical instruments, usually in wood
Johnna Klukas Sample Art

Gabriel Lefton

Handmade books! Some of them are even Sci-fi and fantasy themed
Gabriel Lefton Sample Art
Sculptural metal, glass and wood, and digital fantasy images
Scott Lefton Sample Art

Talia Lefton

mixed media fiber art and illustration
Talia Lefton sample art
Fantastic Realism, image storytelling, bold color, matte prints
Elizabeth Leggett Sample Art
Paintings in the Style of Fairytale Realism
Tracy Levesque Sample Art
Whimsical abstract watercolor cityscapes
Julia Burns Liberman Sample Art
Mixed media pieces exploring fantastical realms of emotion
Lily Lion Labyrinth Sample Art
The art of the fantastic - fantasy, phantasmagoric.
Lubov Sample Art
Matted Art Prints
marcart Sample Art
Fantasy subjects in acrylic and colored pencil
Theresa Mather Sample Art

Diane M. Mathieson

crocheted dragons & crocheted dragon bags for gamers
Diane M. Mathieson Sample Art

Sally Mayer

Enamelist and metalsmith, with emphasis on texture and color
Sally Mayer Sample Art
Bright & bold graphic illustration
V McMican Sample Art
Clockwork Jewelry, Computer Mice/Misfit-toy monstrosities
Alexander Merkel Sample Art
Pop surrealism and fantasy in oils and giclee prints
Chris Mindle Sample Art
Fantasy art with dramatic lighting, and a hint of whimsy
Christine Mitzuk Sample Art

Giulia Montanari

Giulia Montanari Sample Art
Fiber Art focusing on fantasy and science fiction
MooreWarmth Sample Art
Fantasy Illustration
Morrison Sample Art
fine art fantasy photography
Erika Morton Sample Art
Relief block prints that celebrate the realms of imagination
Anne Nydam Sample Art
Whimsy and watercolors
Margaret Organ-Kean Sample Art
Fantasy and Science Fiction Painting
William O'Connor Sample Art
Fantasy sculptures and prints
David Lee Pancake Sample Art
Boston area-based illustrator, comic creator and painter.
Maria Photinakis Sample Art
Pen and Ink drawings and Illustrations
Eli Portman Sample Art
Fantasy art in pen, pencil, paint, & digital media
Fantasy art in pen, pencil, paint, & digital media Sample Art
Laser prints of digital original artwork
Karen Roop Sample Art
Steampunk themed sculpture
Kimball M. Rudeen Sample Art
mythic images in scratchboard
Ruth Sanderson Sample Art
Visionary symbolic fantasy
Sandra SanTara Sample Art
Stippled images of cephlapods and Lovecraftian monsters
Scrumpy Illustrations Sample Art
Enamel, clay bird rattles & castle planters, possibly fiber
Diane E Seiler Sample Art
Enamel switch plates, jewelry, seascapes astronomical
Shapleigh Sample Art

Gene Shea

Sci Fi themed drawings, 3D paintings , and sculpture
Gene Shea Sample Art
Fantasy and scifi artist working in multiple mediums
Andrew Sprague Sample Art
quirky, pop-culture 3-D art made out of clay
Jess Steytler Sample Art
Distinctive wearable art that stands out in a crowd
T. M. Originals Sample Art

Patrick Thicklin

Patrick Thicklin Sample Art
Wire and hand-colored brass jewelry featuring antique keys
Tornheim Sample Art
Paint Pouring is my newest adventure!
Joan Turner sample art
Celtic jewelry and superhero SF prints
Mercy Van Vlack Sample Art
Drawings & Prints, Historical replica; Living History
Andy Volpe Sample Art
Digital art of the female form in pop culture in all genres
Arrionna Wagoner Sample Art
Miniature book art and jewelry
Raelinda Woad Sample Art